The Brand Builders Community
The Brand Builders Community
Nataleh Nicole

Welcome to The Brand Builders Community

A community for business owners ready to grow in their brand, faith & income.

Not Currently Available for Purchase
Enrollment for the Brand Builders Community only opens a few times a year.

Enrollment is currently closed as the current members are working together to grow their faith + the brands. 

Click the link below to be notified when enrollment is open again. 

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A private community for faith-based entrepreneurs ready to use creative marketing to grow their brand, their community, and their income. In this membership, you will go on a journey from beginning to end to create a successful brand.

  • Weekly accountability + Weekly meetings: We will come together weekly specifically to grow your brand + your faith. 
    • We meet every Thursday at 7:30 PM EST for about 1.5-2 hours a week. 
    • Replays are available for every weekly session
  • Monthly Branding + Marketing Business Masterclasses: every month we cover a different business/marketing topic to grow your brand (topics covered can be found below
  • Monthly Bible Studies: In this community, we marry business with faith. Our goal is to run our businesses God's way!
  • Bi-Weekly Q&A Sessions: This is what makes this community different. You are never on your own when building your brand. Receive answers to your questions in real-time. 
  • The opportunity to instantly chat and DM me or other business owners to get in-the-moment feedback for your business
  • Expert insight on how to properly build and market your business using examples from my 6 figure business, and the successful brands that my clients have built. 

Community with like-minded business owners. You do not have to grow alone. This community was built to help entrepreneurs just like you navigate through starting and growing their online businesses. This community is especially for you if:

  • You need accountability to show up consistently for your business
  • You have the perfect ideal customer in mind, but no strategy to reach them. 
  • You have a long list of business ideas, but no clear path on how to turn them into reality and income. 
  • You're the business owner who struggles with consistency.
  • You believe you’re doing everything right, but still, there is a lack of sales in your business.
  • You feel like your audience is nonexistent or doesn't listen/take action when you promote your business. 
  • You don't know how to incorporate faith or God into your business.
  • Marketing feels like a chore

The Brand Builders Community is a place where clarity and strategy will be formed for your business.


  • Branding + Rebranding 
  • Launching Your Online Business
  • Creating a Profitable Marketing Plan 
  • Grow Your Audience of Customers 
  • Sales Funnels to Obtain & Retain Customers
  • Create Engaging Content for Business Growth + Sales
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Marketing BEYOND Instagram
  • Increase Your Website Traffic
  • Organize your Business Flow
  • Create New Products and Services
  • The Psychology of Marketing and Sales (don't sound salesy)
  • Get clarity around your offer: what should you sell month after month in your business to increase your revenue
  • Multiple Streams of Income
  • Profitable Pricing + Profit Margins
  • Email Marketing
  • Business God's Way
  • Faith-Based Business Principles 
  • + More

In the Brand Builders Community, you will learn how to build a brand that serves a specific audience, is purposeful, and can grow across different income streams.

Whether you sell a physical product, you have a service-based business, or you’re just starting with a few ideas, this community will help you develop an irresistible brand while growing an unshaken faith.

Will I receive 1:1 help within this community?

Throughout this community, you will be in a group setting amongst other entrepreneurs. Although you will not receive 1:1 coaching, there will be plenty of space to ask specific questions about your business.

What type of business is this good for?

This membership is suitable for both product-based and service-based businesses. Nataleh will take you through the process of how she grew both her coaching business and her clothing store. No matter the structure of your business, the goal remains the same: to build a brand. Building a brand in both of Nataleh’s businesses is what helped her to easily reach her audience and obtain consistent sales.

Should I already have a business to join?

This membership is ideal for those who are already in business, but, you do not need the have a business to join. During this membership, you will go through the process of building a brand. You can join the membership before you start your business and apply the principles once you launch.

When are the live sessions? 

We meet every Thursday evening at 7:30 PM EST. Replays will be available for each session within 24 hours of the session ending. 

What will I have access to when I join? 

When you join, you will gain access to all of the previous month's masterclasses and content. You will also have access to our private community for entrepreneurs and all upcoming lessons as long as your membership is active.

What is the investment?

The fee for this membership is $89/month.

Can I cancel or join at any time?

You can cancel your membership at any time! However, you may only join/rejoin once enrollment opens again. Enrollment only opens a few times a year.

Can I receive a refund?

Your monthly or annual payment will pay automatically. You are free to cancel your membership before the next month begins, however once paid, there are no refunds for your membership fee.

Have any additional questions? Feel free to email me at [email protected] and I can assist you before joining!

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